Couple Loses Over $3,000 In Wedding Cash

money and wedding bouquet
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A wedding almost ends in a severe bummer, but a good Samaritan saves the day.

When it comes to weddings, the photographs are a Big Deal. But an even bigger part of the wedding is the gifts. Some companies have literally made their fortunes with gift registries. But not everyone wants to order off the menu. My mom, for instance, wants to get something you'll always associate with her when you look at it. She's a keeper. Some people, through compassion or laziness, prefer to give you money. Most people accept the kind that jingles but prefer the kind that folds, be it checks or bills.

Per Yahoo! News, a couple in Pennsylvania got a whole lot of the kind that folds. We're talking over $3,000. This couple had the cheddar tucked inside a photo album and left the dang book on top of their trunk, rather than in it, before driving the hell off. The couple, no doubt making haste in order to consummate their marriage, was flagged down by a fellow motorist, who spotted the album balanced precariously atop the car. Unfortunately, the loot had already fallen out of the book. 

But! Another driver found the money. After hearing about the lost money on several local news outlets, this second driver good Samaritan-ed the crap out of that envelope, bringing it to a local lost and found or policeman's station. No word on whether this man got a reward, but I don't think Primae Noctis would have been out of the question.

Let this be a lesson. If you're gonna give money, think about checks, savings bonds or PayPal.