Why You Should Remain Facebook Friends With An Ex

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You may not want to see his online social life, but you shouldn't be so quick to defriend your ex.

3. You'll still have the memories: If you delete him out of your cyberspace, his day-to-day life might disappear from your screen, but the time you spent with him will not. Facebook or no Facebook, you will still have the pictures uploaded on your computer as proof of what you once had.

4. So he can see what he's missing: You might never want to see his face again, but maybe he's checking up on you from time to time. Your new haircut and attitude are making you feel better, and guaranteed they're making your pictures better, too. Upload a hot new profile picture, and let him eat his heart out.

5. To continue your stalker habits: Though this route doesn't exactly help you move on, it's still fun to keep tabs on people you once had feelings for. Defriend impulsively and you will never get to stalk him ... or his new girls, again. Unless, of course, you send him a friend request later on, which is just embarrassing.

Instead, just delete the adorable profile picture of the two of you on vacation to get it out of sight, and focus on your new and improved single self. Have you ever had any funny Facebook experiences with an ex? The Frisky: Facebook Says Getting Engaged Makes Women Unhappy

By Lauren Gold for The Frisky

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