What You Don't Know About American Singles

group of men and women drinking and laughing

Whether or not you're single by choice, here are statistics we bet you didn't know about singles.

Last week, I told you some pretty redunkulous wedding day hoopla statistics. But let me tell you, the numbers on unmarried people are even more surprising. I am one and I couldn't believe 'em! Check out what the census and other studies have shown about us unwed Americans. Hey, it might help you get your Grandpa to STFU with those spinster jokes! The Frisky: Is There A Right Or Wrong Age To Get Married?

1. As of the 2007 census, there are 93 million unmarried Americans. That's 42 percent of the population. Wow, did that just make anyone else feel like they could be sleeping with a lot more people?

2. All the way back in the 1940s, the number of unmarried women finally surpassed the number of bachelors. Today, 46.6 percent are male and 53.4 percent are female. Boo-yah! Girls rule, boys drool. The Frisky: Young Marriage: What's The Rush?

3. Almost 40 percent of the single population is divorced, while about 60 percent has never been married before. The jury is in: more people think it's better to have never loved at all then to have loved and lost.

4. The average American spends most of their life single — battery-operated boyfriends not included in the study.

5. There are more than 56 million American adults who have never been married—22.7 percent of women have never said "I do," while 29.4 percent of men have never walked down the aisle.