Indonesian Authorities Not Amused By Sex Tape

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Pop star Nazril Ariel may face jail time. Plus, why a sex scene was cut from True Blood.

There has been a bundle of sexy news from Indonesia lately, and the hits keep coming. But the nation with the world's largest Muslim population is still a little uneasy when that sexy stuff goes public, especially when it involves adultery. Per the BBC, pop star Nazril Ariel may do some time in the pokey for a private sex tape he made after that pajama-rompa went viral online.

As the story often goes, Nazril Ariel decided to record a sexual conquest (or several) and "somehow" those videos made it onto the world wide web. Because of anti-pornography laws in the somewhat conservative archipelago nation, the pop star could face up to 12 years in jail… in an Indonesian jail. Do Indonesian Authorities Hate The Male Member?

Another wrinkle in the so-called "Peterporn" scandal is that one of the two women (not at the same time, that would probably get him the death penalty) is married, and that sort of thing is extra-frowned upon in Indonesia. (According to the BBC, the name "Peterporn" is a take-off on the name of Nazril Ariel's band, Peterpan, so we should probably be thankful that none of these tapes feature children kidnapped from their bedrooms.) This is thought to be the first celebrity sex tape scandal in Indonesia. No word on how the video made it online, but it was probably Captain Hook.

The lesson, as always, is: all sex tapes make it on the Internet, even in paradise. At least a cow wasn't involved. Indonesian Man Marries Cow

In more sex tape news, per, a graphic oral sex scene was scrapped from an episode of True Blood. Evidently, the camera angles weren't working, and relighting the set was going to take too much time... the problem was not the explicit cunnilingus.

In summary, if you want a sex tape to make it to the Internet, don't hire a professional crew.

Any word on the Koran's stance on oral sex? Particularly cunnilingus?