Ryan Seacrest Is Dating Julianne Hough

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have gone public with their relationship.

It's a match made in reality TV star heaven: American Idol's Ryan Seacrest is dating Dancing With the Stars' alum Julianne Hough, reports AllieisWired.com.

According to the site, Ryan, 35, has been secretly "hooking up" with  Julianne, 21, and were even photographed with their arms around each other on a beach in Malibu recently, as they played with Julianne's dog and hung out. A few days later, they were also leaving a trendy LA restaurant at night and getting into the same car.

Although Ryan has been constantly plagued by gay rumors, hopefully his relationship with Julianne will put those to rest. Reportedly, he even made a trip to the CMA Music Festival earlier this month in order to see Julianne perform. Seacrest's Mom Wants Him To Find A Girl

"Ryan was so excited to see Julianne that during the ten minutes it to get to the show, Ryan was fixing his hair and making sure he looked perfect to see her," said a source.

"Ryan was adamant he didn’t want anyone to know he was in Nashville to see Julianne…because their relationship is still in its early stages and Ryan really, really likes her." Seacrest To Do Momma’s Boy Dating Show

Well, if he "really, really" likes her, then we wish them the best!

Photo Credit: AllieisWired.com