Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Engaged


Pretty and prettier will have a pretty wedding.

Orlando Bloom, late of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, will marry his longtime girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. Orlando's publicist confirms that the two, who've been dating since 2007, are engaged. So unlike all those other times we thought they were engaged, like the occasions last year on which Miranda was wearing a diamond ring, this one's for real. We think.

This isn't the first time Orlando proposed; he reportedly asked Miranda to marry him several times, but she was a little gun-shy. Their quite manageable age difference might have a little to do with that—she's 27, he's 33—or she might be wary of a celebrity marriage. But apparently Orlando sufficiently proved his devotion: He reportedly turned down a fourth Pirates film to stay close to her, and the two bought a home together in Malibu last year. America Accepts Cohabitation!

And we're sure she's been a comfort to him this year, as Orlando has gone through the trial of the so-called Bling Ring burglars, the wretched little brats who robbed his home, as well as those of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson, of half a million dollars in art, watches and other valuables. Last Orlando testified in the trial of burglar Alexis Neiers, who took a plea deal and will serve six months in prison for her role in the crimes. The other selfish monsters involved in the robberies are still awaiting trial.

So mazel tov to Orlando and Miranda! And may their wedding go way more smoothly than Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner's. Although if Johnny Depp showed up that would be awesome.

Via Popeater and People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.