Sex Offender Study

Sex Offender Study

Dallas, TX -
Advocate USA Publishing has announced their commissioned study of sex offenders
has been completed and with chilling results. 
“The answers these offenders give is a frightening look into truly evil
minds,” says Craig Williams, PhD, Lead Researcher for TRI.  “I was stunned with the brazen way the
offenders shared their methods once confidentiality was assured.”

 Even though the researchers must maintain the
confidentiality of the offenders, both free and incarcerated, it has been able
to prepare an authoritative report which has been made available to the
public.  The 7 Signs of Sex Offenders has
been compiled by spirituality expert and progressive Christian writer, Dr.
Reece W. Manley, who was recently honored by inclusion in a human development
textbook by McGraw Hill.  “It is my hope
that every parent with children aged 3 – 17 will read this report on ways to
spot sex offenders infiltrating our must vulnerable spots including our Houses
of Faith.”

The study is especially timely with the release of students
on summer break.  “Parents become remiss
in checking the backgrounds and kind of assume some other parent has done
it.  They trustingly send their kids off
to Vacation Bible School and other activities.

“What they don’t know is that one offender, a woman, used
these exact words – ‘I pray with a family to gain their trust.  Then they are much more often to let me keep
their children’,” reads the report. 
“This is a wakeup call for every parent to look over volunteers very
carefully.  By applying the information
given in the report, many problems and risks can be avoided.

“The report is available now for immediate
and can be found on the author’s counseling site .  The low price of the report should make It
available to any household.

If people cannot afford to pay the $9.99 for the immediate
download, they are invited to write
and apply for a hardship download at $6.99.  
“The main thing is to get this warning into parents hands,” said Reece