The Best Of The Web: Father's Day & A Little Luck

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Plus dirty dancing, swingers and a little striptease.

It's Friday and we're like 48 hours from the most kick-ass holiday of all-time: Father's Day. Kidding! Anyways, here's the best the web has to offer this week.

First of all, over at The Frisky their very own editrix, Nikki Dowling, is hard to date. Per her own admission, she is a real buster of haggis and feels sort of sorry for anyone who has to date her. The first step is recognizing the problem...

You know what makes a young lady easier to date? If she's good looking and has good cooking. But busting out the baking can be a problem if done too early. So says Briana Rognlin of the Huffington Post. Read: Is A Man Who Cooks The Ultimate Turn On?

My good bud Simone Grant believe that luck does exist… however being prepared (and generally nice) really helps when opportunity knocks, particularly in dating. Check out her rationale.

Per Guyism, a high school near Philadelphia (where it's always sunny, they say) has decided to ban so-called dirty dancing after the prom clean-up included a "bodily fluids" clean-up. Sorry that young men are so quick on the draw but I warn you, Philly school board, nobody puts baby in a corner.

On the topic of having one's own space, Brett Smiley discusses the relative merits of a man cave at Glo. What's next? Separate bedrooms? Oh… Read: Separate Bedrooms Coming Back Into Style

The dudes at Mashable have a pretty clever comic about dating in the era of social media. Modern love, you just got zinged!

Over at MomLogic, a man discusses his wife's desire to keep the dogs from sleeping in the marital bed. Good call, wife, a gassy 110-pound Rottweiler between ya'll is whatever the opposite of an aphrodisiac. Read: The Case Against Co-Sleeping

A double dose of MomLogic. It looks like the day after Father's Day is as extra-busy as the day after Mother's Day for Ashley Madison. Shocking.

My pals Em & Lo ( have their man panel discuss the refractory period of a one-night stand. Fine, the day-after a one-night stand. Usually, it starts with, "That was awesome, I wonder if she'd be up for that thing I saw in Maxim?"

I see plenty of respectable people wearing white pants, which means it's still wedding season. Woooo! (awesome URL, gang) discuss 7 ways to relax and enjoy the heck out of your wedding day.

For some reason, there's a bit of a stigma when your younger sister gets married first. The crew at Lemondrop discusses the phenomenon.

Speaking of family humiliation, Asylum gives you five signs that your parents may secretly be swingers. First question, do they work in the airline industry? And do they still purchase condoms? Read: Why Married Women Love "The Lifestyle"

Our buddies at LoveInTheDumps have a guide to dating a bothersome Ivy League grad. Whatever you do, please pronounce the car "Por-shuh" and do not snicker when they mention Balzac.

Finally, SmakNews has some tips for a great free Father's Day gift: a little sexy striptease. Read: 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Holler with great links and enjoy daddy's day, friends.