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Betty White In Sex Photo Scandal?

Betty White

We've just learned from The Frisky that new celebrity sex photos have been uncovered and, surprisingly, do not feature anyone from an E! reality show. Perhaps more surprisingly, though, is the news that the star (allegedly) in the dirty pics is Hollywood veteran (and our last living Golden Girl) Betty White!

ZackTaylor.ca says: "According to a couple industry insiders who have been contacted by the people in possession of the photos, there are a total of four pictures that were recently found in a box belonging to the now 88-year-old Betty - The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia."

Evidently, the photos show Betty and her then-husband, the late Password host Allen Ludden, "engaging in sexual activities." Since Allen passed away nearly 30 years ago, the photos (if they even exist) are probably 30-50 years old and most likely tame by today's standards. Then again, Betty is quite a saucy little lady, so maybe her sex pics could blow any of these dirty little D-listers' sex tapes out of the water! 8 Sexiest Senior Citizens

Although the idea of Betty White having sex photos is pretty funny (and, frankly, kind of awesome), we tend to think this story is a bunch of bull. It's just more proof that no one can be famous these days without having to dodge rumors of illicit activity. Or maybe Betty's learning how to play the new Hollywood game, and her reps started these rumors to get some free PR for her new show, Hot in Cleveland? Whatever the case, we love Betty and are happy that her career is on a major upswing.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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