Justin Timberlake Hits On Lakers Girl, Is Rejected

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What does Jessica Biel think about his philandering?

Lakers girls have been catching the eye of Hollywood's leading men for some time now, and usually they relish the attention — whether or not their suitors are known to be available.

But not this one, who rebuked Justin Timberlake's advances recently because she knew he was dating longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel. Justin Timberlake Betrays Our Trust

What a nice way to put a crimp in Jessica's Parisian publicity tour for the A-Team. Any guesses as to when she'll get her famous buns back stateside to smack him on the back of his pretty head?

According to Janet Charlton's Hollywood, JT was sitting front row at a Lakers game when he spied a lovely blonde whose number he just had to get.

He asked around and found the woman in charge of the Laker girls and asked the woman to please get the girl's phone number for him, begging "Put in a good word for me!" The woman informed the Laker girl about her famous admirer and the girl obviously knew Justin has a girlfriend (Jessica Biel) and she replied "No thanks- I don't want to be another Bombshell McGee!" The woman reminded the dancer that Justin "isn't married" but she wouldn't budge. Unaccustomed to rejection, Justin later approached the Lakers PR person and asked for an introduction to the blonde dancer. Again, she flatly REFUSED to meet him! Don't you LOVE a girl who has respect for other women? We do.

[Source: Janet Charlton's Hollywood]

Way to go anonymous blonde! Perhaps Jessica may want to reconsider taking her relationship with Justin to the next level by having his baby? Jessica Biel to Justin Timberlake: I Want A Baby!

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