Using A Hitman On Your Spouse To Be Extra Illegal

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California is trying to close a loophole that allows people to benefit from murder.

You know how some couples really shouldn't be together? And how—when you hear divorce talk—you're secretly tickled pink until you remember that old Gil has sort of a crazy streak? And then you can't help but be on the lookout for a suspicious poisoning, cut brake line or strangely locked tanning bed cranked up to 11? Well, California has also seen the movie To Die For, and is on the case.

Per GoogleNews, the state of California has decided to come down hard on men and women who hire hitmen to rub out their estranged spouses. Why? It all started with a woman taking a left out of her driveway onto Hire A Motorcycle Gang To Murder My Husband Avenue, merging onto Undercover Sting Operation Lane, parallel parking in Convicted For Solicitation To Commit Murder Road and finally cruising into Still Got Half The Communal Assets In The Divorce Parkway. If you could follow that, you can imagine why her police officer husband felt justice was not served. Where Divorce Means Risking Death

Evidently, California law states that you don't get any property if you kill or attempt to kill your spouse, but you're good to go if you hire or attempt to hire someone to do the work for you. Lawmakers, between drinking the blood of the innocent and living off the sweat of the proletariat, look to close this loophole before more decent people get railroaded by spouses who make the itty bitty mistake of conspiring to commit foul murder. 5 More Down And Dirty Divorce Tricks

Slightly off topic, but are hitmen real? Don't we always just hear about people trying to hire an assassin, but ultimately just getting rolled in some police sting operation?