Can Gwyneth Keep The Peace Between Cameron & Kate?


Gwyneth Paltrow talks sense into Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz about their war over A-Rod.

Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to practice what she preaches in her goopy newsletter, which in this case involves putting out the fires of enmity that have arisen between A-Rod's ex Kate Hudson and his current sexercise partner, Cameron Diaz.

As reported earlier, "Kate Hates Cameron," is "pissed she's dating A-Rod," and is convinced this is all some sort of payback for her seduction of Justin Timberlake back in 2007 — only days after Diaz ended a four-year relationship with him. Cameron Diaz Sexercises With A-Rod

Rumor even has it that Kate's resignation from the itty bitty tittie committee was all to get the Yankee slugger's attention back off Diaz and on to her. She's just that into him, still.

Thank Goopness for Gwyneth, who just can't stand bad vibes between blondes, and is willing to lend a helping hand, or in this case, a listening ear and some words of wisdom.

Could Gwyneth Paltrow be negotiating peace between Alex Rodriguez's old girlfriend, Kate Hudson, and his new squeeze, Cameron Diaz? Just a few days after Paltrow dined with Diaz at The Lion, she was spotted with Hudson — who earlier taped the "Letterman" show — Tuesday night at Quattro at the Trump SoHo along with Stella McCartneyand Naomi Watts.

The three actresses had earlier attended McCartney's 2011 spring showing. A Quattro spy said, "They were having a great time and appeared to be deep in conversation." [Source: New York Post]

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.