Did Al Gore Cheat On Tipper?

Al Gore and Tipper Gore kissing

Did Al Gore cheat? Or are the tabloid magazines just having a slow news day? It's hard to tell.

After Al and Tipper Gore announced their separation recently after 40 years of marriage, we had some ideas about what might have made them split, and infidelity was number one on our list. Evidently, were weren’t alone with those suspicions.

The National Enquirer (who, in case you forgot, was nominated for Pulitzer Prize this year for reporting on the indiscretions of another politician) also had the same idea, and has rounded up a list of women that Al might have cheated on Tipper with, including a cabinet member, a massage therapist, "a sultry screen star," and a cheerleader. 4 Theories About The Al and Tipper Gore Divorce

According to the Enquirer's sources via Celebitchy.com, Tipper "always believed there was something going on between Al and many of the women in his life." Can you really blame her? Al did work alongside serial philanderer Bill Clinton for 8 years.

Not to be outdone, however, The UK's Globe is claiming that the break-up of Al and Tipper's marriage is due to "a nasty gay scandal." Yes, you read that right. The Globe is alledging that Al Gore likes men!

However, from what we've seen, the evidence of any kind of affair seems skimpy and even one of the Enquirer's sources admits that "there’s never been proof that Al had affairs." There’s also the fact that friends of the Gores insisted that cheating wasn’t responsible for Al and Tipper’s break-up when the news of their separation first hit.

So is it possible that Al cheated? Of course. But until more evidence emerges, it's probably more likely that something less sensational, like Al's hectic travel and work schedule, is more likely to blame for their impending divorce.