Will Renée Zellweger Marry Bradley Cooper?

renee zellweger bradley cooper married engaged

Renée Zellweger shops at Carolina Herrera & dines with Bradley and her parents at fancy restaurant.

Suspicion is growing that a wedding between Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper is imminent.

Yes, we know that for some this is hard to believe. What with all the Isn't Bradley Cooper gay? rumors. And, of course, add to that the fact that they are rarely, and we mean RARELY, spotted together in public. It just seemed like these two were never that into each other... for whatever reasons. Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper's Non-Romance

Anyway, the circumstantial evidence as of late is suggesting that maybe we were all wrong about Bradley and Renée.

Here's what we know the wedding that might be so far (via RadarOnline):

Fact #1 — Zellweger, who is involved with handsome actor Bradley Cooper, spent more than two hours browsing in [a Carolina Herrera boutique in West Hollywood].

Fact #2 — After she entered the store, a rack of gorgeous wedding dresses was wheeled by.

Fact #3 — When the Cold Mountain star left the store, she was carrying a long garment in a zippered bag.

Fact #4 — When Zellweger was asked if she was getting married, she didn't confirm or deny it — she just smiled the whole time.

Now to that we add another.

Fact #5 — Page Six is reporting that Renée and Bradley had lunch with her parents just recently at the Tribeca Grand. "Could it be he asked her father for her hand in marriage?" the paper insinuates.

What do you think?