5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

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Domestic bliss tips from the star's new reality show, Bethenny Getting Married?

The hilarious Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives of New York City fame, recently debuted her own reality show. Bethenny Getting Married? follows Bethenny as she gets married, has a baby, and settles down with fiance Jason Hoppy. We tuned in for the sassy star's hilarious one-liners, but we got something else, too... relationship advice! Here, the five love lessons we learned from Bethenny Frankel:

Pick Your Battles: When Bethenny went on the hunt for a new assistant, fiance Jason put his foot down, insisting that she not have a straight, male assistant. Guess who got a straight, male assistant? Jason let his hang-up go when Bethenny explained that Max was the best person for the job... and the two dudes even bonded by the end of the episode, in a bro-like fashion (fist-bump!). When you're in a functional relationship, you won't get your way all the time, so learn to choose what's worth fighting for... and compromise. Weigh your partner's needs against your own and think rationally about who should win this round. How To Communicate Effectively

Admit Your Weaknesses: The debut episode of Bethenny Getting Married? followed Bethenny to a therapy appointment, where she spilled about her fear of commitment in the past and how her childhood and family impacts her relationships. Everyone has their own baggage, and we schlep it with us from relationship to relationship. Want marital bliss like Bethenny? Admit your faults and work at examining and eradicating toxic relationship behavior: years of bad habits won't change themselves.

Keep Some Things Private:
It's easy to assume you're seeing it all when you're watching reality TV, especially when following a woman like Bethenny, who won't think twice before inviting viewers into her therapy sessions or bathroom, but she does keep some things under wraps... like Jason's proposal, which wasn't filmed. This advice translates for those of us not on camera, too: your girlfriends don't need to know every single detail about your relationship. Gab away about your vacation together, solicit ideas for his birthday, or even confide in a close friend about a fight you had, sure... but know when to keep your mouth shut, too. Your assistant doesn't need to know about the size of his package and your neighbor doesn't need to hear about the last time he cried.

Vocalize Your Appreciation:
Bethenny may have made a name for herself on reality TV because of her sharp tongue and ballsy, say-what-everyone-else-is-thinking attitude, but she has a sweet side that she lets out on Bethenny Getting Married?—especially when she's one-on-one with her guy. The tough chick lets her guard down over dinner with Jason, and when she walks the runway for the Red Dress Fashion Show, he beams and couldn't be more supportive. Take a cue from the happy couple and make sure that your man knows you're crazy about him: compliment the new suit, thank him for running an errand for you, or just get mushy and tell him how much he means to you. Show Affection (Without Getting Sappy)

You Can Have It All: Bethenny said it best during the Real Housewives of New York reunion (yes, we tuned in for that too!): "you can have it all, if you work hard." It's hard to balance your dream career, your friendships, and the rest of your life, and still have the energy for a successful relationship, but it's not going to fall into your lap. But the perfect balance is worth the hard work.