Top 5 Attributes of a Great Wingman

Top 5 Attributes of a Great Wingman

Before I get started, let me just say upfront that I'm considering "wingman" to be a non-gender-specific
term, used because it’s a little unwieldy to say wingman/woman throughout this
post. So please don’t get all politically correct on me, just start thinking
about who you know, man or woman, who has the following five attributes:


  1. The wingman must be fun. If you
    have fun with your wingman, the outing is a success, whether you meet someone
    interesting or not. What’s more, if you’re relaxed and having fun with your
    wingman, you will exude attractiveness. 
    Your personality will shine brightly, reaching way across the room. You
    magnet, you.  
  2. The wingman must be a little
    But just a little. The point of the wingman is to encourage you to be a
    little more daring then you might be if you were left to your own devices.
    (Which isn’t that hard, if you spent last weekend on the couch.) On the other
    hand, if your wingman is too pushy, you will resist. You will be testy and
    annoyed. A glare is not the same as a bright, shining personality. Much less
  3. The wingman must be open and
    The wingman, who is hopefully married and just thankful to get some
    time out of the house, should have no fear of walking up and talking to people
    you find attractive. After all, the wingman has nothing to gain or lose, so
    it’s not nearly as nerve-wracking as it is for you.
  4. The wingman must be complement,
    rather than compete.
    Have you ever felt invisible, with a friend soaking up all
    the attention, while you stand mutely by, ignored? Take it from me, it is not a
    fun feeling. That’s why I say your wingman should complement you. That wingman
    needs to be aware of you at all times. If you aren’t part of the conversation,
    the wingman brings you into it and shows off your very best attributes. That’s
    the wingman’s job. Complement (with an “e”) means the wingman makes you look
    better. Of course he or she can compliment (with an “i”) you, too…a nice little
    ego boost is always appreciated
  5. And finally, the wingman must be fun. Oh, did I mention that already? Will I can't emphasize it enough. If you take dating too seriously, dating becomes a drag and so do you. Go out, be open to meeting new people, enjoy your friends and enjoy yourself. Be you, and the dates will come.

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