Gerard Butler Wooing Kazakh Billionaire


Gerry goes gaga for Goga.

Gerard Butler continues to reap the considerable rewards of being manly, Scottish and famous; that is, the rewards of being Gerard Butler. After a 2009 fling with his The Bounty Hunter costar Jennifer Aniston, and an alleged Reese Witherspoon dalliance, the erstwhile Phantom of the Opera (no, we're really not going to forget about that!) has moved on to Kazakh billionaire Goga Ashkenazi. We're currently trying to figure out if she is, in fact, a Bond villainess or a Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego.

Page Six reports that Gerard and Goga met at the Cannes film festival, where he was seen in the company of various comely ladies, and then he paid her a visit in London last weekend. "Gerard was spotted chatting up Goga at a party in Cannes and they exchanged numbers," a source told The New York Post. We're sure he just wanted her number for her strategic gold-mining and construction connections.

Goga, according to Page Six, used to date Flavio Briatore, who's best known in U.S. gossip circles as Heidi Klum's pre-Seal baby daddy. She was also linked to a fellow Kazakh billionaire, a fellow by the name of Timur Kulibayev. She is also apparently fond of posing in a manner that says, "I have been Photoshopped into all of these pictures." And she also might have a secret baby! Those are the best kind of babies. They don't cry or need changing or anything. Oh wait. That's an imaginary baby. Never mind.

So, yeah. There's another notch for ol' Gerry, who's looking quite distinguished and Dermot Mulroney–ish these days with his salt-and-pepper hair. Along with Anderson Cooper and John Slattery, that's a pretty good case against Just For Men.

Via The New York Post and Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.