How To Travel With Sex Toys

How To Travel With Sex Toys

Many folks have been subjected to having their bags checked for an
odd object passing through the X-Ray Machine, or after hearing a loud an
unusual buzzing sound coming from your bags.  How embarrassing is it to
have your bags checked in front of people at the airport only for
security to pull out a vibrator!? We would like to give you some tips
that may help you next time you are traveling with your favorite
electronic companion.

* Remove the batteries.  Sometimes products go off when you don’t
what them too; especially the products that are controlled by push
buttons.  Or try to travel with products that have a lock on them in
order for them to work.

* Travel with discreetly sized and non phallic shaped products. 
Smaller more discreet products may not be as embarrassing if a security
attendant pulls it out of your bags in front of a crowd of people.  For
example, travel with a product like a Jumpin Jack opposed to a product
such as the Love Bird. The Jumpin Jack Has to be twisted in order to be
turned on compared to the Love Bird that is large, phallic looking and
is easily turned on by buttons.  The Jumpin Jack is small, discreet, non
phallic in appearance and can easily fit into a pocket for easy
storage.  While the Love Bird is a GREAT Vibrator, it’s not the best
Vibrator to travel with.

* Pack your products in your checked luggage and put a label on your
products so the security attendants know what it is if they find the
object suspicious and take the batteries out of your products to avoid
the involuntary buzzing!

When traveling with products, the smaller the better.  Below you will
find a list of some of our best products that make great travel

Jumpin Jack
Athena Vibrator
Lipstick Vibrator
My Secret
Maia Vibrator
Waterproof Duckie
Rockin Roller
Lovers Power Bullet
Loves Bullet
Seafoam Egg
Bath Sponge
Travel Bunny

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