Joanna Garcia Gets Engaged To A Yankee

Joanna Garcia

Cute couple alert: Actress Joanna Garcia and Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher are engaged.

It seems that Alyssa Milano is not the only TV actress with a thing for baseball players. The adorable Joanna Garcia, best known for starring on the short-lived CW TV show Privileged and, more recently, as Chase Crawford's heiress girlfriend on Gossip Girl, has gotten engaged to her Yankee outfielder boyfriend, (who has the best name ever, might we add) Nick Swisher.

According to the New York Post, Joanna, 30, wasn't originally interested in going out with the baseball player, telling the friend that was trying to set her up that she didn't want to meet him. Nick also had reservations about dating someone in the entertainment world and reportedly said, "Oh, I don’t want to deal with one of those actresses." (Do you think he meant a high-maintenance Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz type?) Alex Rodriguez's Ex To Cameron Diaz: Stay Away!

Luckily, the friend persisted in setting them up and, soon after, a smitten Joanna called her mother and said "Oh, mom, you’re gonna love this one."

According to Joanna's mother, Loraine, Nick popped the question on May 19th with a diamond ring so large that Joanna will "have to start lifting weights." Nick evidently doesn't mind spoiling Joanna, and considering his contract with the New York Yankees is reportedly worth a cool $6.85 million, he can certainly afford to!

Our congrats to the cute couple. Hopefully Joanna will bring the Yankees some much-needed luck next season.