Dear Dr. Romance: He has hurt me deep inside me

Dear Dr. Romance: He has hurt me deep inside me
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Dear Dr. Romance,

I feel really depressed I can't forget this man, he is always in my mind, I've tried everything, it seems it's useless because he is always there! when I think about him, tears come from my eyes, and I can't help it :(

He has hurt me deep inside me, 2 months ago, I've text him telling him that I wanted attention from him and he cursed at me, it was really awful, he told me  " u think that the earth revolves around you? f***k, don't call me again!)  he knows that I love him but he doesn't want to give no chance at all . I've tried my best and he wouldn't make any effort for that reason.

I don't deserve this kind of treatment specially from him, I don't know what's wrong with him... maybe it's my fault?  Most of the time I say, that he ain't good for any kind of relationship, and that I deserve someone better, but then good memories come back and I become depressed it's like a vicious circle, I want to be able to make changes, to forget him, to live again, there are so many fish out there, hahaha
Anyway since 2 months I cut any kind of relation with him, I've even change my number so he doesn't call me back, he knows where I work thought I hope he never appears into my job. I don't think he will.

Dear Reader:

I think you already know what I'm going to say.  This man is not interested in you.  Loving him is not enough, and it's not good for you.  He's been very clear -- honor what he says and let him go.   You are obsessed with him, but obsession is not the same as love.  You need to revise your idea of what love is.  For help, read the articles "Letting Go Takes Love" and "You Be the Judge" on my website at  No one is going to love you because you suffer. Instead, you need to learn to love yourself more, and treat yourself with more respect.  Then, someone will be able to love you.  Yes, there are many fish out there, but as long as you are fixated on this man, you won't see them.  Have a "letting go" ceremony.  Burn a picture of Jason, and say goodbye.

Build a life as a single woman, and put your energy there.  When you have created a support network of friends, your new, true love will come from that.  To learn more about independence and taking care of yourself, read my book The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40.