Gary Coleman Has A Secret Nest Egg Worth Millions

Shanon Price

Ex-wife Shannon Price hires big shot attorney to defend her share of his estate.

The more we find out about Shannon Price, ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman, the less we like her. Or, shall we say, the more we dislike her. And with a passion.

 Perhaps the most egregious of the crimes is her selling of his death photos for cash. Wait, or is it the $50,000 asking price for interviews? Or is it the promise of televised tour of the house they shared with a special stop of at the place where Gary fell and hit his head? What Happened To Gary Coleman?

Who is this woman? A woman with her eye on a prize — a prize that's turning out to be much larger than anyone thought.

According to Coleman's friend and Diff'rent Strokes co-star Todd Bridges, Gary left this world with a very large pension from the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. A pension that he estimates could be worth millions.

No wonder Price has hired a "high-profile" attorney to defend the 2007 will that names her as the sole beneficiary to Coleman's estate.

Fortunately for all that's good and righteous and just in this world, there are those who are fighting to protect his money from such vultures. According to

Coleman's 1999 will, which named his ex-manager Dion Mial as executor, was filed in a Salt Lake City court Tuesday. The will leaves Gary's estate to "The Trustee of the Milennium Edge Trust," which Bridges said is registered in Mial's name. And for the first time, Bridges revealed what he said were Coleman's wishes to do with his money.

"We have plans with it, charitable plans definitely. Our plans are to make sure it goes to the right places."

Although Gary's ex-wife Shannon Price says she has a handwritten codicil from 2007 naming her as the sole beneficiary, Bridges told that she will get nothing.

Coleman's estranged parents won't get anything in the will either. "His pension will not go to one person, no way." [Source: Radar]

Most poignantly, the will also states that his remains should be cremated and that a wake should "conducted by those who have had no financial ties to me and can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman." 

We're guessing that doesn't include Shannon.

Photo via E!