Jesse James Using Daughter To Lure Sandra Back?

Jesse James custody Sandra Bullock

Jesse and Janine's custody fight over Sunny gets even uglier.

Even though Sandra Bullock and Jesse James's marriage is over, Sandra will continue to be involved in his three kids' lives. Apparently that extends to Jesse using his daughter, Sunny, over whom he is engaged in a protracted custody fight with second ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, as a pawn to lure Sandra back, according to Janine's mother. If you followed all that, you get a gold star and maybe you should step away from your copy of Us Weekly for just a tiny moment. A Good Step-Mom: Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

In all the ruckus over Michelle Bombshell McBlabbermouth and Sandra's adoption of adorable baby Louis, we kind of forgot that Jesse and Janine were still squabbling over their seven-year-old daughter, Sunny. To review: Sunny went to live with Jesse and Sandra in 2009 when her mother was imprisoned for tax evasion, and when Janine was released Jesse went to court to keep Sunny with him, because he said Janine exposed her to unwholesome influences. Which is a little ironic, given what we've learned lately of Jesse's hobbies. Does A Racist Jesse James Taint Sandra Bullock?

Janine and Jesse were back in court last week, and the judge denied Janine's petition for visitation with Sunny. The ruling prompted Janine's mom, Jonlyn Jeter (yes, Jonlyn. We don't know what that's about either) to run straight to Radar Online and beginning airing more James family dirty laundry. "My daughter has not seen Sunny since the end of January yet Jesse denied them being reunited over the weekend," Jonlyn told Radar, apparently ignoring the fact that it was, you know, the judge who said Janine couldn't see Sunny.

Jonlyn continued: "Jesse was probably just trying to impress Sandra Bullock because she was back in town. He's using Sunny as a pawn to try and get back with her. Jesse knows he can use Sunny to try and win over Sandra Bullock but she would be a total fool to take him back again now." Sandra Bullock Is Back!

The next hearing in Jesse and Janine's custody battle is June 17. It would be smart to take everything Jonlyn (seriously, what the hell kind of name is that?) says with a grain of salt, because it takes an infinitely craven man to use his own child as a pawn in his screwed-up marriage. Both he and Sandra have said publicly that they want to maintain (or in the case of Louis, build) relationships with the kids, so we hope they can do that, because good Lord, a bunch of children do not deserve the wall of crap that's fallen on their lives this year.

Via Radar Online and TMZ. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.