10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

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He's the greatest man on earth, the reason you've always had such high standards where men are concerned. He's a protector, provider, and sometimes jokester, and for that there will never be anyone better. Except the father of your own children, who has oddly enough started spouting some of the old familiar "Dad-isms" he swore he'd never say. And so, in celebration of all the dads out there: our favorite dad-speak and what gifts to get the dad who says it.

What he says: "I walked 10 miles uphill both ways."

What it taught you: It's all about perspective.

What to get him: Give the wisest man in the world (who might need a little help with direction) the TomTom 340S Portable Automotive GPS that will get him where he's going, uphill and all. Bonus? Times are calculated by actual average speeds of travel rather than posted speed limits, so when the little one in the back seat asks "Are we there yet?" Dad can give an actual estimate in addition to a sarcastic quip (thegpsstore.com, $99.95).


What he says: "What, do think I'm made of money?"

What it taught you: Money doesn't grow on trees—or on Dad.

What to get him: Give the man who teaches money management a dapper way to manage his money. The double-sided Smart Money Clip holds up to 30 bills on one side and up to 12 cards on the other (storus.com, $29.95).


What he says: "What's that? I didn't hear you."

What it taught you: Speak slowly and enunciate.

What to get him: Help both Dad and yourself by giving him something that will make conversations easier. The Samson Go Mic is a small, portable device that hooks up to his computer for crystal clear sound when you're chatting over the Internet waves. It's also great for recording, so that Dad can preserve his favorite music, podcasts, or even your voice for future listenings (bestbuy.com, $59.99).

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