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Ex etiquette, pickup artistry and first dates.

It's the beginning of a new week and I'm feeling pretty froggy. Here are some of the bestest things the internet had to offer last week.

First up, Em & Lo ( have ten signs you're reading a bad romance novel. Aw man, there's gotta be a Lady Gaga gag in there somewhere…

Limelife wants to let you in on a little book love too. They have a list of the five most interesting seduction reads out there, we're talking pickup artistry. It's up to you to use this information for good or evil. Read: Flirting Tips From A Female Pickup Artist

Good pickup lines sometimes lead to first dates. The brosephs at Guyism have 6 atypical (and worthwhile) first date ideas. I've done one of these for a later date and, cha-ching, worked like a charm. That's right, happiness is a warm gun. Read: First Date Tips Guys Should Memorize

And some pick-up lines work too well (think Wedding Crashers). My buddies at Leftos give 6 ways to avoid becoming a stage 5 clinger… play it cool, little mama.

And since lists are the theme of this round up, MomLogic has four tips on how to hate sex less. I would say that the first step is not getting naked grudgingly or with a plethora of sighs and "fine, make it quick and I'm not taking off my sweatshirt"s.

Christine Carter at the Huffington Post, she's a PhD so pay attention, talks about how to improve your marriage using sex. If sex is the answer, I totally don't care what the question is. Read: Six-Month Sex Challenge: Could You Do It?

Sometimes a sexless relationship will lead to a breakup. The Frisky teaches you how to be a good ex. I'd say that inviting the ex to your wedding is a judgment call… e.g. if you have good judgment you won't.

On the topic of bad judgment, Get Him To The Greek hit theaters this week and reformed lothario Russell Brand has some advice on getting laid from our buds at Asylum. Funny video and it wasn't all, "be ridiculously famous for generally stating and expounding on the obvious, until the obvious has become more of a doppleganger of itself, sort of a dark reflection in the mirror of absurdity."

While we're thinking of famous fellas, Betty Confidential wants to talk about what celebrity guy dating profiles would look like if they had them. It's almost a quiz for those of you with a yen for pop culture and I wish they would have included Sean Penn.

The crew at Glo wants to let you know what a man's dog says about him. My addition: fighting pitbull: he's probably gonna do some time in jail. Read: What Does His Porn Collection Say About Him?

And, at, the guys discuss the danger of wedding porn. On the for-real, it may be more addictive and harmful to your relationship than GonzoAmatuerSluts 5.

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