My Gay Ex-Husband Still Lives A Secret Life

woman sits up in bed looking upset while her husband sleeps
Love, Heartbreak

How one woman discovered that her husband was living a lie, and leading a secret life as a gay man.

I fell in love with "Gary" during my junior year in high school. We met at a house party and quickly became inseparable. I loved him so much and knew that he loved me, so near the second year of our courtship, we made love... it was the first time for both of us. I didn't know what it meant for other girls to give their virginity away, but I knew what it meant for me: He would be my real, only true love.

I went on to college as planned, while he did his tour in the Marines. We wrote faithfully in the beginning and kept our flame alive for many, many months. However, Uncle Sam had other plans, and soon he was sent 3,000 miles away. We kept in contact for a while, but then, as often happens in long-distance relationships, we began to drift apart. Finally, all communication stopped, and we went on with our lives, eventually marrying other people. 

Twenty-five years later, imagine my surprise when I went online and discovered an email from Gary. He had found me through Later that evening, I heard the voice of my first love, a man I had never forgotten. Like a replay from the past, we talked for hours. It was like we had never parted. We shared that we were both separated from our spouses and how it must have been fate, or even God, because we had found each other at the time our hearts needed love the most. 

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Written by Joy Marie for Lemondrop.