Alex Rodriguez's Ex To Cameron Diaz: Stay Away!

Cynthia Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez

Cynthia Rodriguez does not want Cameron Diaz hanging around her children. Can you blame her?

Life must be really annoying for Cynthia Rodriguez, aka the ex-Mrs. Alex Rodriguez. Sure, there's the fact that your ex is a famous baseball player who probably pays you boatloads of cash in child support every month, but that doesn't matter when he keeps flaunting his celebrity girlfriends in you and your children's faces. (There's also a good chance that Cynthia might still be holding a grudge from that time Alex, whom she divorced in 2008, allegedly cheated on her with Madonna and possibly some hookers. That's not something most women are likely to forget.)

According to Star Magazine via, Cynthia has said "enough!" to A-Rod and has forbidden Cameron Diaz or any other women Alex may be sleeping with from hanging around their two children, Natasha, 5, and Ella, 2. Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Having Sleepovers

Although she has reportedly moved on from her Yankees third baseman ex and has started dating a Miami-based real estate investor/accountant named Laszlo Fazekas, Cynthia probably doesn't want to deal with her young daughters becoming attached to every floozy Alex goes out with. At least, not until he's done sewing his oats and settles down with one girlfriend for, say, more than a few months. Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz Dating ARod

We can't say that we blame her. Would you want a pot-smoking Cameron Diaz or a newly implanted Kate Hudson acting as role models for your young daughters? We didn't think so.