The Relationship Translator


Tip One: Contact Gaps

So heres the situation, you’ve been talking to a guy a lot and chances are by now you’ve talked about going out to see where things go, then  SHIT! he stops talking to you, and your saying to yourself “what the hell did I do?” and your first instinct is to text him…fine you can do that but you should probably stop communication there…but do you? of course not. This is your first mistake. Heres a couple of rules for etiquette.

1. One text is enough, any more then that and its a huge turn off. The guy will take this as thinking your a creeper and you still won’t get a response, and if you do, it will be some excuse such as “sorry i’ve been busy”. Ladies lets try to understand something…if a guy likes you he’s never to busy, he’ll take time out of his day to talk to you.

2. Texting Over and Over, will get you nowhere and will hurt your chances extremely. If hes not responding to you there could be many reasons, but the typical ones are, either he really IS busy which is rarely the case. You have creeped him out to a point where hes talking to his friends about how much of a stalker you are, or simply…hes just not that into you.

And now your wondering, if he didn’t like you in the first place, why did he start talking to you? Well to be perfectly honest at some point he did have some sort of interest but along the way he got bored and found something new, it doesn’t make you any less of a person or unattractive its just that he fell out of it. My first piece of wisdom to you all is never let downers like this make you feel less then great about yourself, another persons lack of interest in you does not reflect how wonderful you really may be, just move on and find someone worth your time and effort.