When It's OK For Your Man To Be Cheap

man counting pennies with hand on wood table

Your man could have a valid reason for being cheap—it doesn't have to be an automatic deal breaker.

Your man displays any number of great qualities: kindness, the ability to keep his mouth shut during a movie, a willingness to entertain your "does this make me look fat?" clothes-modeling ritual, an unwillingness to splash out any cash any time you two go out...

Hold up—what was that last one again? Is it possible that Loverboy is perfect in every other way except when it comes to parting ways with Lincoln, Franklin or Grant during a date with you? And if so, should this trait be a deal-breaker for the relationship? Lemondrop: Annoying Guy Behavior—Deal With It Or Dealbreaker?

First, let's define what makes him "cheap" versus "not a sucker, "has other priorities," or the garden-variety "is poor."

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Written by Liz Scott for Lemondrop.