The Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors Continue

Is Mariah Carey pregnant?

Mariah Carey won't confirm or deny pregnancy; Nick Cannon tells everyone to mind their business.

Rumors that Mariah Carey might be pregnant have been swirling for a while now, especially since Mariah and husband Nick Cannon were spotted outside a medical clinic in May. Mariah's recent weight gain and her decision to drop out of Tyler Perry's new movie, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, have also raised some eyebrows. Through all of the speculation, Mariah has remained mum on the topic of becoming a mom. 

But RadarOnline feels confident in confirming that Mariah and Nick are indeed expecting their first child, based on information from an "insider," who says that the couple is "very excited and very happy," but that "Mariah and Nick want to keep the pregnancy quiet as long as they can." A call to Mariah's rep didn't clear things up, as she would only say, "I’m not at liberty to discuss Mariah’s personal life at this time."  Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Since the "confirmation" broke, Nick made a few jokes on his radio show about baby names and such, and had this to say about all the nosy Nellies out there:

I'm pretty sure that when my wife is ready to make any announcement it won't be to the media, to the public, first. She'll tell her family, she'll tell her friends, and then, you know, when she's ready to share with the rest of the world, who is her extended family and friends, then she'll let everybody know. [Source: RadarOnline]

Sounds reasonable, right? So, let's give them some privacy. And let's shift our attention from a possibly pregnant pop star to a definitely pregnant pupster: Mariah and Nick's Jack Russell terrier, Cha Cha, is expecting...again! Oh, to get an invite to that bitchtastic puppy shower. We'll continue to dream.

Photo via Fame Pictures.