Why I Don't Mind Falling For Gay Men

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Why one woman isn't ashamed of the fact that she repeatedly falls for gay men.

I am prepared to make a confession for the sake of womankind. I've given it a lot of thought (arguably too much) and decided it's time to come clean for all the girls out there who've been down the same road. My message: You are not alone, and you are not to blame.

(deep breath...)

I have fallen for gay guys—repeatedly, hook, line and sinker—and I am not ashamed. Lemondrop: 'I Discovered My Husband Was Gay'

I'll spare you (and these men) the sordid stories, but let's just say mine isn't a one-time-I-fell-for-the-Will-to-my-Grace tale. I'm a repeat offender. My type: The guy who isn't quite sure of his own position on the Kinsey Scale; who has some gay tendencies but some straight; and who, when it all finally makes sense, will say, "I could have loved a man or a woman, but I'm most sexually attracted to men." Lemondrop: I Don't Want To Be Your Token Gay

Now that my peer group and I have arrived at the stage where most everyone is open with his or her specific sexuality, my problem arises much less, but that doesn't erase my case file. I will forever be "the girl who loved the guys who didn't know they were gay." It's not your typical scarlet letter situation. You hear about a girl who always falls for guys who cheat and say, "Ugh, what a problem ..." or a girl who can't seem to commit to any guys at all and say, "Oof, what a shame ..." My story tends to be met with a, "Really?! What an idiot!" Lemondrop: In Defense of Fag Hags—Top Ten Women Who Love Gay Men

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