Do You Trust Celebrity Relationship Experts?

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How do these five celebrities do when doling out relationship advice? You be the judge.

We say: Focus on the decent parts and let your eyes glaze past her other pointers: "make him a cold drink... draw him a bath... watch all his favorite shows for the night."

4.) Jerry Seinfeld on NBC's The Marriage Ref: Jerry Seinfeld recnetly returned to TV with NBC's The Marriage Ref, where the comedian and a panel of celebrities weigh in on a gripe or ongoing argument of real-life couples. While meant to gently poke fun at the intricacies of marriage and offer the "you ever noticed that..." Seinfeldian observations that made him famous, unfortunately the show fell flat. Critics called it "the most God-awful mishmash of a comedy-variety show" and "painfully unfunny."

We say: Compared to other reality shows that seem to thrive on tearing friendships and relationships apart, we support Seinfeld's attempt to help marriages stay together through humor.

5.) Teri Hatcher's Get Hatched website and book, Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life: While at first glance comely Teri Hatcher may seem like an odd poster child for crippling insecurities, in her book the actress opens up about how low self-esteem often allowed her to settle for the "burnt toast" in life. She urges women to allow themselves to feel vulnerable and to "live, love and explore yourself as a woman." She's also launched her own website, Get Hatched: A Chick's Guide to Life. Get Hatched offers Hatcher's advice on everything from parenting, to fashion to how to make room for sex and fall in love again. Teri Hatcher To Become Oprah Of Web?

We say: Honestly, her affirmations seem relatively grounded and surprisingly relatable.