Do You Trust Celebrity Relationship Experts?

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Love, Heartbreak

How do these five celebrities do when doling out relationship advice? You be the judge.

We can thank celebrities for things like hair and mansion envy, petty schadenfreude and aimless double-clicking/magazine-flipping fodder when bored at work or the dentist's office. But relationship wisdom?! From them. Nah. Let's leave that to the professionals, not canoodle-happy movie stars tangled in a series of messy breakups.

But what about when said celebrities suddenly hop from your TV screen onto The Relationship Soap Box? Is their advice worth listening to? You be the judge.

Here's a round-up of five celebrities turned relationship experts.

1.) Heidi Klum and Seal's new couples counseling show, Love's Divine: Here's a famous couple easy to covet. The flawless millionaire model with her sensitive romantic singer husband and their brood of kidlets—absolutely adorable, which probably helped Klum ink another TV deal with Lifetime. This time she and Seal travel around the country handing out love advice to struggling couples, hoping to provide that "aha" moment.

We say: This show could go either way. Klum never seems particularly opinionated or strong-voiced on Project Runway (always overshadowed by the caustic wit of Michael Kors or Nina Garcia), so million-dollar smile aside, can she and Seal carry their own show? We hope so.

2.) Jennifer Love-Hewitt's book, The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello My Name is Jennifer Love-Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic: J. Love has dated everyone from John Mayer to Jaime Kennedy to Carson Daily, so she certainly knows a thing or two about relationships.

We say: Judging from a few choice pull quotes, Love-Hewitt seems to be in her own league of ultra-girly. How many gals, for example, would ever make "his n hers toiletry kits" in the beginning stages of a relationship or refer to themselves as a "velcro monkey" when spooning? It's awfully saccharine for the modern woman, but "A" for effort when it comes to Love-Hewitt's attempt at steering like-minded, boy-crazy gals in the right direction. Jennifer Love Hewitt: The Type Who Gets Cheated On

3.) Ice-T and wife CoCo: A few years back Ice-T told reporters that he and CoCo were working on a relationship book. While that has yet to materialize, CoCo did create a blog post schooling women on how to keep your man happy. It was, admittedly, pretty ridiculous (let's just say CoCo makes J. Love look like a feminist) but she does give one good piece of advice: "Talk a lot... I think the reason that Ice and I have made it in the celebrity world for so long is because we constantly communicate."

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