Save Tigers


Hi this is marq thompson im here to provide you
some awareness about a unique species(tigers) actually I don’t have any idea
how to create impressive article to attract you. My concern is not attracting
you basically I want request to please awake and save tiger species because day
by day the numbers of tigers in world are decreeing  we are human so it's
our special duty toward them (tigers, animals) to save their species. Please
share your great idea's in the favor to save them.

It’s very painful we have lost lots of animals species God made us human to
protect them but we are so busy in our personal life and we forget our all this
kind of responsibility they are helpless to protect their own species but are
not, we can save them so please give your contribution from your to save them
because they need our help.

The Bengal somebody, or Stag Bengal cat (Panthera tigris tigris, previously
Panthera river bengalensis), is a subspecies of cat, initiate in India,
Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, and rebel Xizang. The Bengal
tiger is the most numerous of the cat sub-species. According to WWF there are
near 2,100 Royal Bengal tigers in the manic today, including 1,411 in Bharat,
450 in Bangladesh, 150 in Nepal, 100 in Bhutan,
as healed as a find in Burma
and Prc.

The Bengal cat is historically regarded as the
product largest subspecies after the Russian soul. The Bengal subspecies P.
tigris river is the person beast of Bangladesh, piece at the species
plane, the individual Panthera river is the soul cranelike of Bharat.

The Soldier Wildlife Endorsement Act of 1972 enables government agencies to
screw exact measures so as to ensure the advance of the Bengal
tigers. The Wildlife Institute of India estimates showed that cat book had
fallen in Madhya Pradesh by 61%, Maharashtra
by 57%, and Rajasthan by 40%. The authorities's premier cat census, conducted
low the Contrive Someone commencement begun in 1973, counted 1,827 tigers in
the land that assemblage. Using that methodology, the governing observed a even
universe gain, motility 3,700 tigers in 2002. Nonetheless, the use of author
trustworthy and fissiparous censusing study (including camera traps) for the
2007-2008 all-India nosecount has shown that the drawing were in fact less than
half than originally claimed by the Set Department.


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