Couple Sues Shrink Due To His Bad Advice

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Allegedly, bad advice was given, and an affair ensued.

It turns out that psychologists are just like the rest of us: prone to making mistakes and giving medium-to-bad advice. Over at FoxNews is a prime example. According to the story, a couple in New York are laying down the lawsuit with the couple's couples therapistCould Couples Therapy Really Save Us?

Actor Guido Venitucci claims his shrink hectored him into having an affair. His mental health practioner, Jeffrey Mechanic, allegedly called Mr. Venitucci's masculinity into question, referring to him as [a slang term for female genitals], and declaring that the wife would never be able to please the husband. Now, after about 10 years and $150,000, the husband and wife want $4 million each from the counselor.

Mechanic's legal representative, meanwhile, calls the suit "frivolous."

While grownups are responsible for their own decisions, I feel sorry for everyone involved. To be fair, I've been called a p***y by a mechanic on many occasions, and will do whatever it takes for them to think I'm cool again.

There's a very good chance that I'm going to forget to follow up on this story, but the following celebrity doctors would probably say:

Dr. Phil: "You don't pay an aardvark to paint a henhouse."
Dr. Laura: "This wife should take responsibility for her husband's sexual contentedness. Maybe someone should sue her."
Dr. Seuss: "Not in a house, not with a mouse, it takes a real louse to cheat on his spouse."

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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