Is Gratitude The Key To A Good Relationship?

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Studies show that showing some gratitude can improve overall relationship satisfaction.

We're all well aware of the top relationship strengtheners: mutual respect; communication; a satisfying sex life; a mutual affinity for frozen pizzas. But sometimes, boosting your satisfaction within a relationship can be as simple as saying thank you.

According to a new study, "feelings of gratitude and generosity are helpful in solidifying our relationships with people we care about." Such feelings bind us to those who actually care the most about our well-being.

It makes sense. With the variety of ways in which people show their love, it can be easy for an act of kindness to go overlooked, causing both parties to feel underappreciated. Why doesn't he ever make an effort to show that he cares? she might think while, meanwhile, he wonders why she doesn't seem to notice the fact that he just cleaned the dishes, unloaded the dishwasher and scrubbed the tub. The solution? Begin paying attention, looking at the small things your significant other does with newly opened eyes. You'll get the warm fuzzies upon realizing how much he does for you and, as a result, he'll get the warm fuzzies from knowing how grateful you are. 25 Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Words

Some things this Love Buzzer is grateful for?

  • that time he surprised me with my favorite guilty pleasure fast food meal: Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets
  • the fact that he hems my pants for me
  • and also empties the litter box in a daily basis
  • his willingness to financially support me so I could change careers
  • his ability to deal with my crazy

Some things our readers are grateful for? In Relationships, Small Acts Are A Big Deal

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  • "My S.O. gave me a backrub when I needed it without me having to ask for it." - lottastrom
  • "He started doing the laundry!" & "Besides recently taking on the laundry, he totally made an awk family phone call for me that I was avoiding." - lyzl
  • "He put up fencing in the backyard... eternally grateful." - kristenfischer
  • "He answered a ? honestly, helped me see where I need to improve & caused me to learn more about myself. And it was all w/ love." - SharalynHartwel

What are you grateful for these days? Don't forget to tell your partner!