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Nobody Wants To Date A Smoker

woman choking on man's cigarette smoke

If the health and hygiene concerns weren't enough reason to kick butts, now there's this: according to, even smokers don't want to date a smoker.

Yep, one of society's greatest villains—the smoker—is loathsome enough that even smokers themselves don't want to date each other. Out of a very small sampling, 1,000 respondents, it was discovered that 87 percent of lady smokers would rather date a smoke-free dude. Men were less picky, and only 80 percent of them were circumspect about dating smokers. It should be pointed out that this study—more of a questionnaire, really—was sponsored by a Nicabate, a company that sells products designed to help users quit smoking. In Australia, a major push in the anti-smoking campaign is periodontitis, a condition resulting in loosened teeth and hideous gums.

In addition to "yucky teeth," the Big C, stinky hair and weird yellowish fingers, using smokes can also lead to erectile dysfunction. My guess, and this is just a guess, is that no matter how cool you look, these distractions probably aren't worth the $8 per pack, even if you only smoke when you drink. Smoking May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

And here's the bad news for smokers, Australian and otherwise. Per TopNews, a proper-sized survey of 155,000 tobacco-smoking enthusiasts revealed that 50 percent of people can't punt the practice on their own. A patch or a pill or a hypnotist is required. Handling A Partner's Unhealthy Habit

Would you date a smoker? If not, what's the best way to badger a loved one into quitting?

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