Barbara Hershey And Naveen Andrews Split

Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews split

One of Hollywood's long-running May-December romances comes to an end.

As Lost ends, so does one of its stars' relationships: 41-year-old Naveen Andrews (Sayid) and his partner, veteran screen actress Barbara Hershey, 62, have called it quits after 11 years together. 5 Love Lessons From "Lost"

Since they were never exactly Brangelina, the couple managed to keep their breakup—which actually happened six months ago—out of the tabloids until now. According to Naveen's manager, "They remain the best of friends," which is Hollywood PR code for "You won't see these two in the same room together anytime soon." 

To say that Barbara and Naveen weathered some rough waters during their relationship is an understatement. In 2005, during a Ross Geller-style "break," Naveen fathered a child with another woman. Despite that little slip-up, he and Barbara reconciled soon after. Barbara stood by Naveen's side while he endured a lengthy custody battle with his love child's mother, Elena Eustache, a battle that Naveen won at the beginning of 2009. Perhaps Barbara couldn't deal with all of Naveen's drama, and that caused the final split later that year?

Whatever the cause of Barbara and Naveen's breakup, we wish both parties well. We've gotta hand it to Barbara: there aren't too many women who would take a man back after he got another woman knocked up—break or no break. But at least Naveen wasn't off banging random porn stars and Hooters waitresses. Then again, that wasn't all the rage then like it is now.

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