The Best Of The Web: Pulling A Baldwin & Bad DJs

Alec Baldwin

Plus date movies this summer and why that chick wants your husband.

It's the end of another week and the unofficial start of summer is upon us. If you decide to see Sex And The City 2, have fun, if your plan involves a barbeque, have more fun.

If you're thinking of taking 'er easy this Memorial Day weekend, check out a great list of chillin' summer movies from Em & Lo ( I'm tickled that two baseball-related movies made the cut. Read: The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

While we're talking top ten lists, the bros at COED Magazine have a list of how not to screw up a one-night stand. My number one suggestion: don't assume someone is on birth control.

And rounding out the top ten lists, the crew at The Frisky has a list of the 10 oddest sex toys and, surprise-surprise, many are from Japan. For some reason, I'm recalling Burn After Reading fondly.

At Glo, a discussion of why women like dudes with wives and some hints on how to keep them off of your man's junks. I believe Alec Baldwin sums it up best in The Departed, "People see the ring, they think at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch; ladies see the ring, they know immediately you must have some cash or your c**k must work."

Speaking of Baldwin, according to LimeLife pulling a Baldwin could help you work your way into someone's pants. No, don't gain a bunch of weight. No, don't leave an unhinged voicemail on your daughter's phone. Please just lower your voice, OK? Read: If He Sounds Hot, He Probably Is

But once you're in the bed, how do you know it will be good? Lemondrop says if you love the person, it probably won't be. Hmm and it seems like the first time with someone isn't always lights out. In summary, middle term relationships are where it's at, ya'll.

And perhaps, this now makes more sense: according to Asylum shy people are bad at being married. I assume jerks are bad at marriage too. In summary, middle term personalities is where it's at, ya'll.

Yorks, a bad way to start a marriage is a bad wedding and not much can deflate a wedding like a bad band or DJ. Our buds at Urlesque have an interview with the DJ in this video. It turns out it was not Dan Finnerty in disguise. Read: Is It Possible To Predict a Successful Marriage?

At the Huffington Post, Steve Cooper uses either compares oil spills to marital discord or the other way around. It goes without saying that oil rigs, like marriage, are regularly blown up by accidental natural gas leaks. Read: 5 Products That Will "Save" Your Relationship!

And bringing up the rear, my homey Simone Grant channels Groucho Marx to discuss the dating dichotomy of folks who are too good for people with similar (generally negative) characteristics. Self-loathing singles? Now I'll believe anything

Holler with great links and have a great weekend.

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