Matt Lauer's Suspected Mistress Used To Be A Man

Matt Lauer's suspected mistress Alexis Houston
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Matt Lauer's squeaky clean public image is going to take a beating, if this latest rumor is true.

The rumors about Matt Lauer’s personal life just keep getting weirder and weirder. Under his buttoned-up suits and every-man persona, does Matt like to let his freak flag fly?

After rumors spread that Matt had left his wife Annette Roque and was having an affair with a colleague, some suspected Meredith Viera. Now, according to, the woman Matt cheated on his wife with is not a work colleague, so much as a transsexual. Did Matt Lauer Leave His Wife For Meredith Vieira?

The "woman" in question, Alexis Houston, reportedly used to have a penis and went by the name Wellington Houston up until 2007. As a man, she had sort of a shady past. According to Page Six, Whitney Houston sued her in 1996 after Wellington claimed to be her cousin and used forged checks to defraud a doctor out of $100,000.

Although she denies having an affair with Matt, whom she supposedly met on the set of the Today Show, Alexis has hired Gloria Allred, i.e. the lawyer of choice for many celebrity mistresses, and held a press conference recently in order to make it known that she feels her "privacy and personal space have been invaded." Hmmm. We’d like to point out that she could have accomplished the same thing by just releasing a statement, but like the many fame-whores before her, Alexis clearly wants her 15 minutes in the spotlight. Who In The World Has Matt Lauer Slept With?
So, what do you think? Are these allegations complete baloney or does Matt have a Hugh Grant-like scandal on his hands?

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