His 4 Outdoor Sex Fears

couple kissing against a tree with lake in the background

One man discusses the concerns that keep him from having sex outside.

As you get older and come to terms with the dwindling of your time on this planet, you realize there's some stuff you really need to do before you check out. For some people it's climbing K2, for others its reading Don Quixote, starting a charity, having a child, or curing cancer.

I'd just like to bone a girl outdoors. 

Here's the hitch—I'm one of those people who thinks too much about stuff. Sex in public presents inherent problems for us, as we immediately conjure every potential insane scenario that will ruin the moment or get us fired/arrested. Lemondrop: Don't Try This At Home—Stuff Guys Want In Their Porn, Not Their Beds

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.