Nas And Kelis Are Officially Divorced

Nas and Kelis

The "hip-hop divorce of the century" is finally over between Kelis and Nas.

You better believe that R&B singer Kelis is going to be partying this weekend! Her long contentious marriage to rapper Nas is officially over, according to TMZ. Back in April, Kelis, who was 7 months pregnant when she and Nas split, filed court papers to expedite divorce proceedings, stating that  "... it would be in the best interest of both of us if our marital status is terminated as soon as possible."

Kelis, who is most famous for her song Milkshake, and the rapper were married in 2005 after having met a Sean Combs party and dating for 2 years. However, things soon got ugly for the couple, as rumors circulated about both of them cheating and a sex tape Kelis made before marrying Nas, which reportedly upset Nas and caused a lot of tension in their marriage. Soon after becoming pregnant, Kelis filed for what was later dubbed as the "hip-hop divorce of the century." Kelis Gives Birth, Bars Nas From Seeing Baby

However, while their marriage may be officially kaput as of last week, the two still have to battle it out for child and spousal support. Kelis has claimed that Nas is a dead-beat dad who contributed nothing to her pregnancy or child expenses, while Nas, who is currently being ordered to pay Kelis roughly $10k a month, claims his income, which is thought to be around $153,031/month, has been greatly overestimated. Nas and Kelis' Love Life: A Timeline

It seems the legal battle isn’t over quite yet for the couple! Stay tuned for round 2.