What If....

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The hardest Weekend in my teenage life.

My life drastically changed since Saturday nite. Who would predicted that. This all started, when I thought a guy name Steve was different from those other Cincinnati guys. No lie but I was actually feeling him& the sad thing was I actually planning my future with him. Yesss I had feelings for him,but trust I was far from sprung. Its funny how every dude says "I'm not bout sex" its like that line is from the Bible because it get quoted alot wit "oh I'm not like these other dudes". Well all That is straight B.S. I honesty do wanna believe that,but its hard to. The guys make it so believeable.
Back to Steve' he continue to tell me that he is not about sex but I Thas a lie. & When took off ma pants and draws everything changed. Yes we had intercousrse but then I couldn believe the dam condom slipped. Just to think my life could of changed, if he would of kept going. I must be the luckiest person in the world because he manage to stop and tell me what had happen. So i got off the bed ran to the bathrom and cried hoping this was just a bad dream and i will wake up any mint. well looking back at it i wished i would of some how pay more attention in health. I cleanned myself the "Write way" and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. When he drove me home i crying to my self quitely. I didnt want him to hear me and i had my bestfriend call me.
I came home a reck: crying ma eyes out ready to kill maself. I was far from rational. When i texted him telling him thas i was scared, he hit with tha lame ass line " well i dont no kids sorry yo. I didnt mean for thas to happen.." he show wasnt  thinking of that wen he was tuggin on ma pants. Im was  so disgusted by him.
To make it stressful the next day i had to wake up early to go to church. I barely got any sleepthe nite before& the tuth be told i didnt want to face GOD in his house. During church I did everything i could do to pay attention to the lector. Towards the end I couldnt do it no more, I went to the batheroom to cry ma eyes out. On the way back home from church I WOULDN help but  every second i would be crying. Til today im afraid of seening any baby, or hear bout sex til i go to the teen center. I try not to think bout what happen that nite. But i cant & what made it worse was the fact that I needed convert from Jeramiah. Since dedrick wasnt there when i needed him i had to call on the second person that i knew was willing to listen & not Judge me. So i called up rose& told her wahh had happen along wit ma twin..

They words converted me, the second hardest thing i have to do is go back to school& act like all that stuff didnt happen.


-Presx Luv.OVER&. Out