Dumb things men do when online dating.

Dumb things men do when online dating.

Dumb things men do:

They try to fix a woman’s problems rather than nod their heads and listen. They start renovation projects when there’s nothing to renovate.  They learn to play guitar because they think it’ll make them look cool, thus never considering how it will make them sound. Or worse, they play air guitar.

A lot of them also sign up for online dating only to assert on their dating profiles that they don’t like endless emails. That’s like ordering pot roast then saying you don’t like meat. It’s online dating. Emails are a main component.

By sounding cranky (not to mention boorish and inflexible) about emailing, you impose conditions on yourself and potential suitors.

It also shows a disregard for the process, as well as for the countless members who deliberately use and like the process.  Break away from your self-imposed rules and consider why emails can be an important part of the process:

Emails provide opportunities to 1) break the ice 2) establish a rapport so that you’ll have conversational references when you meet 3) allow time to determine if the other person has obvious red flags prior to chemistry getting in the way of good judgment.

Jumping straight to a meet and greet can set you up for failure even if you like each other’s looks. After all, don’t confuse looks for chemistry. No matter how good looking you might find each other, if the conversation is stilted or cliché, looks won’t be enough to get you a second date.

My suggestion is to play it by ear. Contact a woman, exchange at least two or three emails, then see if she’s open to meeting. Also, when you ask if she’s ready, make it clear that it’s okay if she isn’t. Don’t come across as impatient, domineering, needy and/or disrespectful of her boundaries. Given the potential risks, women tend to be more reluctant than men. Appreciate the wisdom, rather than be impatient by it.