Demi Moore Is Jealous Of Natalie Portman

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman

Chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and co-star Natalie Portman has Demi Moore worried.

Demi Moore may have made a pact with the devil (or her plastic surgeon) to stay forever young-looking, but that agreement evidently didn’t come with a clause guaranteeing that her husband Ashton Kutcher would remain forever faithful to her. In fact, it seems that Demi is worried that Ashton may pull a Brad Pitt maneuver and leave her for the much younger Natalie Portman, whom he’s co-starring with in the upcoming film, Friends With Benefits

According to US Weekly, sparks are flying between Ashton and Natalie on the set of the film, which is described as the story of a guy and girl who “try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but learn that they want something more."

"Demi has never been jealous of Ashton's costars before, but she may be on to something this time. Three days after Ashton and Natalie filmed a steamy kissing scene, Ashton told Howard Stern that love scenes are like 'free cheating.' Though he was careful to add that he confessed everything to his wife because she's his 'best friend,' the insider says that Demi isn't as cool with it as she's letting him think," reports, who added that Natalie Portman "has a way with men."

We’ll say! Not only has Natalie dated hunks like Jake Gyllenhaal, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Hayden Christensen in the past, but even Sean Penn and Brad Pitt both seemed to be under her spell at one point. Brad even went so far as to describe her as "cute as a button," which reportedly caused Angelina Jolie to have a massive fit too. Is Angelina Jolie Jealous Of Natalie Portman?

So is Natalie Portman the new Angelina and Demi Moore the new Jennifer Aniston? Although she has had several on-set romances in the past, Natalie is currently in a relationship with dancer/actor Benjamin Millepied, so that makes us think that she wouldn’t try to lure Ashton away from Demi. However, according to the inside source, Natalie "loves [Ashton’s] sense of humor and likes spending time with him." Hmmmmm.

Despite Ashton’s overwhelming public devotion and his expressed wish to have a child with her, Demi is not taking any chances. Demi Moore, 47, Would Like To Have Ashton's Baby

"Demi has told Ashton that she's visiting him on the set to get to know Natalie. But she's actually going to check up on him."

If we were placing bets, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out if Demi soon becomes pregnant or adopts a baby with Ashton, just to keep him reeled in!