Thirty Types

Thirty Types

Did you know that according to Wikipedia there are 30 types of interpersonal relationships? Yup.

Boyfriend, bromance, casual, cisisbeo, cohabitation, concubinage, courtesan, cousin, domestic partnership, family, friendship, girlfriend, husband, kinship, marriage, mistress, monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, polyfidelity, polgamy, romantic friendship, same-sex relationship, sexual partnership, siblings, significant other, soulmate, widowhood, and wife.


Not that I really consider Wikipedia a complete source for anything, but it has its uses.  I ran across the article and found it rather interesting.  Especially the 30 different types of relationships part.  Who knew there are that many?  And how many more aren't listed?

Another interesting thing... romantic friendship isn't what you think.  Or what I thought it was anyway.  It's apparently "a very close but non-sexual relationship between friends, often involving a degree of physical closeness beyond that which is common in modern Western societies, for example holding hands, cuddling, and sharing a bed."  I always considered a romantic friendship to be something akin to friends with benefits.  According to Wikipedia, that's what a sexual partnership is whether you are just friends or in a committed relationship.

Am I the only one who's head is spinning?

Personally I think a relationship is defined however you and your partner choose to define it.  I guess every relationship has a name or a type, but not every relationship is going to be a cut and dry definition.  For instance if you are married you are also in a monogamous relationship, a sexual partnership (hopefully), are either a husband/wife, possibly a soulmate, a family, and who knows... you could also be in a polygamist marriage (or would that be polyfidelity).

So really a relationship can be a lot of things.  No true definition.  No true classification.  As long as you are happy and comfortable in your relationship, then that's all that matters.

Written for Rantings of a Single Girl