I read Emily Rozen's " Diary of a 23 Year Old Mistress" . I came across it as I for the first time googled " I'm the other woman" . 

There are some differences, I am 26 , he is 11 yrs my senior , he has been married for 5 yrs , lives in another country, had three kids , one conceived during his marriage and each with a different mother , all were longstanding/live in  girlfriends. We met last June , at a mutual friends house, we made out seriously and he told me he was married and  had kids ,all that night, he left the country the next day.
We carried on a text/live chat relationship speaking every day and meeting up(sex) only once in the two times he had been home in the next 3 mths .

Three months later, I took him up on the offer to go see him, for 10 days whilst his wife was back home, at my own expense I traveled very far and for very long . We spent 10 amazing days together , falling in love and committing to a relationship.

I just returned from seeing him , this time again , at my own expense, I had to stay at a hotel, as his wife did not leave the country as expected, he came over every day , he never came in early in the morning before work as promised , he showed up hours late , and the night before I left , he got in at 12midnight and I was to be at the airport for 6am.

I cried every night, the loneliness consumed me , it made me hate him, but I took the time to bring myself to reality, that this is what it would be like when he moves home this July, permanently. 

He loves me, I love him, he has said repeatedly that he does not have sex with his wife as she is not interested anymore, yet she cooks, cleans and takes care of his house, and he says random things about her to me, both good and bad some just plain arbitrary.  

He kept referring to "US" this year(2010) and US being fine and not to worry that he would be home soon.
When I ask what it would be like , and how will he find time , he has the same answer "dont worry , I will have time for you" 

Now , we still talk every day , I had a nagging suspicion that he is still involved with his last kids mum,she seems to be in contact with him often, even once calling me at my work place to find out if I in fact knew him, that was early in the relationship , so I denied it .
On the last day with him , I decided to have a talk with him, but I had a couple of glasses of wine and was agitated and bitchy to him for the whole day ,so my conversation was  demanding , threatening ,mean, rash, harsh and confrontational which he had never seen me like . I demanded to know if they were still in a relationship- denied
had other kids with her or expecting - denied
does she know about us - yes
I told him also, that if he intended for us to work or to be together when he gets home , that he has to promise to not cheat and if I catch him , I threatened to ruin his life as he is know public figure in our country.- Agreed - He promised to sever any ties with women that might think him available in his first few weeks home.

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