Whose profile picture is that?

Buzz, Love

Strangers look at your online dating profile. As such, they have no idea what you look like.  So if you fill your dating profile with pictures of you and your friends, how is anyone able to distinguish you from them?


Worse still, what if someone thinks one of your friends is the hot one? A friend of mine said “I know Volvo’s a better pick for the long haul but if it’s sitting next to a Ferrari, I’m taking that sucker out for a trial run no matter how bad the mileage is.”


Have you ever seen Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ad for Hanes undies? Most people would agree that she’s really really cute. Now check out Kylie Minogue’s ad for Agent Provocateur. If you put the two together, Jennifer may as well take out that tub of Haagen Dazs right now.  She’ll never get a date unless John Boy Walton spots her. 


Sound shallow? It is. 


No matter what, the first thing that attracts a potential online suitor is your looks. That person could think you’re the Kylie Minogue of all your friends but that person could also end up thinking that one of your friends is. 


So avoid confusion and comparisons. Post a clear headshot, as well as a full body shot that’s as close up as possible. Once you’ve distinguished yourself from your friends then you can add group pictures.