Real Women, Real Backup Plans

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3 women speak candidly about how they plan to have children—with or without a man.

I was watching a trailer for the movie The Back-up Plan when I got to thinking. I always had a vague back-up plan in high school: If by the time I was 30 I wasn't married, I decided, I'd have a baby with a gay friend. I think a lot of us girls have had that plan, but how many have actually carried it through? I decided to ask a few friends.

Maybe life doesn't work out exactly the way we want, and yet we still want children, a career, a partner or something else that hasn't quite come on the scene yet. So what are you gonna do? Sit around and lament over what you don't have? No! Life is short. You set a time frame and you say, "If this doesn't happen by this date, then I'm gonna do this, take action, make it happen for myself."

I talked to some ladies who know what they want—and have back-up plans to make those dreams happen. Lemondrop: Spinsters And Single Ladies We Love

Cricket Lee is pushing 40, and her back-up plan was career-oriented. It was ore about making her dreams come true. If she wasn't going to get married and have children, she decided, she wanted to be a successful writer.

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Written by CJ Arabia for Lemondrop.