Love Story Website Gives Us Hope (And Goosebumps)

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In a cruel world,'s love stories gives us hope, too.

It's a pretty cruel, ugly world we live in. Nary a day passes that we don't learn another detail about some philandering Hollywood husband, trashy split or pore over a series of essays lamenting the lonely, winding single life. Which is why a site like is actually a bright spot in any day that's often sullied with not so great news., which posts user-submitted love stories, was started in response to, a gloomy site dedicated to all the horrible (if not a little funny) bummer-type things that can happen on a daily basis. For example:

"Today I realized my boyfriend only asks me to come spend the night when he needs me to wake him up in the morning."

"Today, I finally got my period. In a Jeep Wrangler, 47 miles away from civilization. Just me, my dad, uncle, and two brothers."

LoveGivesMeHope is sort of like that site's sappy little sisiter—the one chirping good-natured, corny stories in a Chicken Soup For The Soul kind of a way. In fact, reading the posts gives you Hugh Grant romantic comedy warm and fuzzy feeling that's a little addictive, to be honest. Who doesn't want to read about someone finding his soul mate or a boyfriend who's so smitten he donates a kidney to his girl.  True Love: Caring For My Sick Husband

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