Tiger Woods Is Dating Again

Tiger Woods

Divorce, schmorce. Tiger Woods is already acting like a single man.

For anyone whose first thought during the Tiger Woods cheating scandal was "Man, I should have hooked up with Tiger and rode the skank train to temporary fame," there’s good news. The golf star is dating again!

According to RadarOnline, Tiger was seen goofing around with a pretty, blonde Elin-lookalike on a golf course recently.

"She sat in the cart laughing and chatting with Tiger for a long time," revealed an eyewitness. "They were very comfortable with each other, relaxed. It didn’t look like the kind of scene you would see if Tiger and Elin were still living together and happy, that’s for sure." Tiger Woods & Elin Will Divorce, Share Custody

So we’re guessing Elin Nordegren, who, for a while there, looked like she might take Tiger back, is following Sandra Bullock’s lead and filing for divorce. According to reports, Elin has refused to move back in with Tiger and has, instead, been living in a rented house down the street from him. She and Tiger have also hired divorce lawyers and perhaps are even in the process of figuring out how to divvy up the golf star’s ample fortune, as we speak. Tiger Woods Hookup: He Likes Threesomes and Dudes

Not one to wait around until he’s, you know, officially single, Tiger has been said to be hitting the restaurants and bars in his Florida hometown pretty frequently and reportedly likes a place called "Embers." So, ladies, if you’re a porn star and/or waitress looking for an opportunity to date a divorcing, former sex addict, you now know where to go!